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Frequently Asked Questions

About OSINT Central

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What is OSINT?
Basically OSINT Central is a place where OSINT researchers can meet their clients. A client can post an OSINT assignment, and researchers can react to that assignment.
Who are you guys?
We are a team that has 20+ years of experience with OSINT, business development, and information security. We all are passionate about OSINT, and we know how difficult it can be to find the right clients, i.e. clients who value and respect OSINT expertise.
Where are you based?
We are mostly based in the Netherlands, but our team can be at any place, any time. We like to travel, explore, and meet new and interesting people.
Do you also have full-time jobs available?
Not yet, but we might consider posting them in the future.
What about confidentiality?

In the OSINT world, confidentiality is important. That makes confidentiality important to OSINT Central. We use military grade 40,000 bit AES! Just kidding of course. Seriously though, we use encryption where it makes sense, taking into account the current state of the art. We use secure coding techniques, defense-in-depth and vulnerability monitoring to keep your data confidential.

If you choose not to expose your identity to the outside world, we understand that, and we will support you where we can.

Do you sell my data to others?
We do not and never will sell or rent your data to third parties.
How serious are you about security?
We take security very serious. Security starts with basic security hygiene, like making regular backups and applying security patches when available. However, we don’t stop there. We monitor our internet traffic for signs of an attack, and we use secure coding practices to ensure maximal resilience to cyber attacks. And yes, we do use what others call “state of the art encryption”, but is just TLS, ECDSA and AES to encrypt and protect important information.
Can I advertise on OSINT Central?
Normally, no. But if you offer products or services that can benefit OSINT researchers or sponsors, then we are open to discuss the possibilities. Contact us for more information.
How can I submit a suggestion?
If you have a suggestion on how to improve OSINT Central, you can contact us.
How can I submit a complaint?
If you have a complaint about OSINT Central, you can contact us.

For Researchers

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Just contact us and we'll get back to you!

How much does OSINT Central cost?
It is very important for us that all OSINT researchers are able to access OSINT Central. That’s why OSINT Central is 100% free for OSINT researchers. No monthly fees, no setup costs, no one-time fee, nada.
I am specializing in subject, what is the best way to show this?

The best way is to check the right boxes under “OSINT specialties” in your profile, or to describe you specialty under the heading “Other”. Second best way: your profile has an “About me” section, where you can write more about your specialty.

Another option is to use a username that reflects your specialty, e.g. “CyberHans” or “LeahGeolocation”.

Is OSINT legal?
Yes it is. The smart and thorough collection and analysis of information through open sources is completely legal, and has been used by fortune 500 companies for years.
Can OSINT results be used in court?
Yes. Information obtained from open sources can be used as evidence, provided researchers properly obtain information and document their research processes. OSINT reports can be used in the courtroom, and have been used by by law enforcement worldwide.
Can I use OSINT Central find out where my ex lives? Can you find out where Tom Cruise lives?
No. We do not allow searches that are targeting a person in a private setting (also known as “doxing”). Finding out who is running a company is allowed, but finding out more about his private life is not. No OSINT professional wants to help out stalkers or other creeps, and we will remove all requests that look like doxing.
I am very good in what I do, what is the best way to show this?

If you are good at something, show it!

The best way to show that you are good in a particular skill, is to have customers that have rated you as good in that area. Other than that, you can also point to references or articles about your work.

I don’t have any experience, how do I get my first assignment?
Experience is earned by doing, so the best thing to do is to perform OSINT research for those who need it, but cannot afford to pay. Think about NGOs, small companies, or someone who has been threatened, stalked or defrauded online. Helping these parties will get you the experience you want, and will get you bonus karma points.
How much of my profile data is visible to others?
That depends on your settings.
Who can see my reaction to an OSINT job/assignment?
Only the sponsor of the assignment can see your reaction to an assignment.
Can I perform my research anonymously?

Yes you can. If you do not want to reveal your name or location to a client, you’re free to do so. Do keep in mind, however, that this might make it more difficult to attract clients in the first place.

Also, if you want to receive payments, we’ll need to know at least where to transfer your payments to. That information will not be revealed to other parties, of course.

Can I turn down an assignment after I have accepted it?
You can, but it is considered bad form, and we will register that you turned down an assignment after first accepting it. We may decide that it will impact your rating in the future, depending on how often this happens.
My investigation didn’t result in any information at all, what do I do?

If your investigation did not reveal any information at all, think about why this happened. Did you not have enough information to start with? Do you lack certain knowledge or tools?

Whatever the reason, discuss it with your client. And yes, we know that this can be an uncomfortable conversation, but we want you to be honest about why you could not deliver the results your client wanted. The worst that can happen is that you won’t get paid, the best that can happen is that you and the client reach an agreement, and you both take a part of the loss.