For researchers

OSINT Central for researchers

What is OSINT Central?

In short, OSINT Central is a place where you can:

  • Find freelance OSINT jobs, for 1 hour or for 6 months
  • Connect with companies that need OSINT expertise
  • Gain experience
  • Show your experience automatically on your profile
  • Do what you love, and get paid for it!

OK, I am interested, so how does this work?

Easy! Just sign up as an OSINT researcher, and tick the boxes that correspond with your skills, experience, and languages. Then, search for OSINT jobs that match your experience and skills, and apply for the jobs that you like.

Our clients have already paid for the jobs they have posted, so you will always be paid after succesfull completion of a job.

If the client contracts you as a researcher, you will automatically get an e-mail that says you were hired. You will then get additional information about the job, and there is a possibility to chat with your client and exchange files.

Once you are finished with the job, you can indicate this to the client by uploading your report in the chat. If the client is satisfied, he will then release the funds, and voila! You’ve gotten paid for your OSINT job!

What if the client does not want to pay?

If the client is not satisfied, we will be notified and mediation will kick in. We will help both of you to reach an objective conclusion. If that does not work, an outside arbitrator can be called in to rule if the work you have done is up to standards, and the information you provided answers the investigative question of the client, and tell us to release your funds.

If your results are really rubbish, than an arbitrator will decide the client does not have to pay, and the client will probably rate you unfavourably.

Why would someone be interested in me?

Because you’re a wonderful person!

Oh and also: If an organization is looking for an OSINT researcher, they are not just looking for someone with a specific skill-set. Organizations are also looking for people who specialize in a specific area (cyber, transportation, media, etc), in a specific language, or someone who is located in a specific region.

My expertise is silly, I doubt people are interested..

Don’t sell yourself short.

Really, we need all sorts of expertise, even people that:

  • Track oil tankers
  • Are drone pilots
  • Watch video footage for days
  • Are walking gun encyclopedias
  • Know everything about radio traffic
  • Specialize in chewing gum wrappers

Ok, we made that last one up. But the rest are people that have already been hired multiple times for their expertise.

How many hours a week will I need to be available?

That is up to you. 5, 10, 60 hours, you decide!

The only thing that we ask you to consider is this: many jobs have a deadline. Do not take on so many jobs that you start missing deadlines. It might affect your rating, and it will most probably affect your future clients.

What if I’m only interested in a full-time job?

If you’re an OSINT specialist looking for full-time employment, it is often hard to show your wannabe employer how skilled you are. Many OSINT researchers are quite modest, anyway. Having a number of happy clients and recommendations in the OSINT scene might convince them you really are as skilled as you say you are.

Maybe you already have an OSINT job, but sometimes you need someone with a specific skill-set (“someone who can interpret freight lists, and speaks Thai fluently”). Within the OSINT scene, you’ll have thousands of other OSINT specialists standing by, and you never need to say no again.

Ready to start your first OSINT assignment?