OSINT for companies

Open Source Intelligence for companies

What is OSINT Central?

Where intelligence agencies are called “Big Brother”, we are more of a “clever uncle”: we take organisations by the hand, and help them fullfill their intelligence needs. We focus solely on OSINT (Open source INTelligence), and we bring organisations in contact with the right OSINT researchers that can answer their questions.

So, what can OSINT do for my company?

I need to decide, but there’s not enough info..

We’ve all been in situations where we need to take a decision, but lack certain information. Maybe you need to verify a company you want to invest in, or you need more information about a competitor. Or maybe you want to know who is behind that network of websites that is pirating your products. It could even be you just want to get rid of that uneasy feeling you have with that new customer that places that unbelievably big order.

OSINT helps you make informed decisions by revealing hidden data, verifying information, uncovering links between organizations and people, giving you timely access to information you need to know.

No matter what kind of business you have, you can likely benefit from using OSINT.

In the corporate world, OSINT is gaining popularity in the fields of internet investigations, due diligence, competitor intelligence and fraud investigations, while NGOs are using OSINT for delving into human rights and environment cases all over the world.

How do I know that I’ll get quality results?

We track the number of successful investigations per researcher, so you can see what the track record is of the researchers that are recommended to you.

Also: If the results are not what you have asked for, you can ask us to step in. If the results are substandard, you won’t have to pay a cent.

To be clear: even though OSINT originated from intelligence agencies, OSINT does not equal “spying”. The smart and thorough collection and analysis of information through open sources is completely legal, and has been used by fortune 500 companies for years. To be fair, in the past, OSINT researchers have once been accused of spying: “because how else could they have gathered so much crucial information about us?”. This is the reason most OSINT researchers also keep records of what and how they research. Some even keep forensic records, so their results can be used as evidence in court, and to show that every step of their investigation was legal.

Why should I hire an OSINT researcher?

Just like accounting or programming, Open source intelligence research is a profession. And just like other professions, professional OSINT researchers have the tools, experience and skills to create fast and solid results. They also have the knowledge on how to interpret these results. That is why it is cheaper and more efficient to hire an OSINT researcher.

Sure, you can do some research by yourself, but then often the following issues pop up:

  • We don’t even know where to start
  • We don’t have time to look into this
  • We don’t have the technical knowledge to dig deeper
  • We don’t know how to interpret this information
  • What sources do we use?
  • How do we know this isn’t fake?
  • Do we know anybody who speaks this local language?

OSINT researchers deal with these issues on a daily basis.

OSINT researchers are the professionals who can get answers to your most important questions: they can quickly find, collect, and analyze information that is not visible to outsiders. Most OSINT researchers also have access to specialist or paid sources. These sources can provide in-depth information on intelligence needs And last but no least, pro’s have connections to other researchers who can provide even more information, if needed.

Up until now, only very large organizations could afford to employ OSINT researchers. And even then, finding specialist researchers is difficult. We want to change that by offering every organization the possibility to search in a worldwide collection of OSINT researcher for OSINT specialist that is a perfect match to their needs.

Ready to start your first OSINT job?